The Beauty of Glass

I found these 1950’s/160’s Cocktail glasses in an antique shop in Essex and the Salt at an exhibition of crafts in Clerkenwell, London. The glasses were ridiculously cheap and the salt was not expensive.  The glasses are perfectly weighted, the stems are gilded glass, not a metal cone as I had thought when I first glanced them in a showcase. I have not identified the make yet, let me know if anyone recognises them. The salt it is mouth-blown glass intricately hand-engraved with plant forms by Katherine Coleman.
50/60's Cocktail Glasses Katherine Coleman, Salt

Katherine Coleman signature
Katherine Coleman signature

Back-lit Branches

On my way back from a long walk in the sunlit woods of Ontario, my last photograph was of this splendid tangle of branches, leaves and seed heads. The afternoon sun was lighting up every little hair on the branches of the Sumac tree. Looking towards the sun made a rather lovely blue flare on the lens too.


The Fall in Mississauga

A walk today in perhaps the last dry bright day of Autumn in Ontario – the final day of Thanksgiving holiday brought everyone out for a last look at the glorious fall colours.Fall Colour

Fall in just one tree, from freshest green to palest yellow, orange, gold and deep red against the bright cerulean sky and the faintest little wisp of white cloud.

Its not all about colour though, its about the negation of it too, the pale cream of the stiff brittle stalks of the grasses, to the grey lilac dead flower heads and the silver of bare bark of the tree glowing in the shadows.

Fall Colours

Glenys Cour

At last the website is done – it has been a project for longer than I had intended but its there now for all to see.

Glenys is a true artist, she paints every day and is never happier than when she can be standing at her easel. She is as enthusiastic now as she has ever been and her work is still as glorious and joyful as ever.

Glenys did not want to entitle most of her pieces so you will find no titles at all, as it seemed wrong to label some and not others.

Please leave any messages for Glenys on this blog and I will make sure she sees them – she may even reply – if she can spare time away from her brushes.



Grey as a colour theme is challenging but I found a couple of opportunities during a flying visit to Aberporth, a small village in Cardigan bay in West Wales.  Whilst we ate fish and chips sitting at the aluminium tables outside the “Caffi”, the sun played hide and seek but then went elsewhere, so the light was helping to show up greyness. The soft colours and lack of contrast drew my eye to these delicate stems, no doubt soon to be bedraggled by wind and rain, the fine incised lines in the smooth concrete wall behind providing an opposing yet supporting structure.

outside grey wall

Inside I caught a figure fleetingly through the metallic grey of the mesh panel in an open door, the grey seems almost to draw a line around his profile and the white beard merges into his sweater which makes the image other-wordly.

Light falling through gaps in the floorboards after the plasterboard lining had been removed. I was intrigued by the way the light continues down from the joist over the wall, where it splays out and also over the door where it becomes more focussed. I wish I had moved slightly to the right but someone was standing there and then the moment was gone.