Figures of Eight Sides – after more cutting into the block

I have printed from this block in a few different colour variations but I think this dark blue/black is my favourite so far. I am going to try a dull brickish red too I think. And I might do some more cutting.

I have in mind to cut some more of the shapes out, deeply enough to fit in a shape made from copper sheet. Copper is beautiful when it’s highly polished but it ages really well too, gaining depth and variation ofcolour. In fact if you heat it, the surface develops amazing tones where a flame has licked it. Details to come . . .

6 thoughts on “Figures of Eight Sides – after more cutting into the block

  1. Lovely Sally, very elegant and satisfying, the geometric shapes, subtle colour and printing process all work so well together in this piece :-)

  2. Oh thanks Phil, it’s a project I began after finding some sketches made by my mother in the early 80’s I think. I found a piece of graph paper with these interlocking shapes but no worked up designs. I am having fun playing round with them now.

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