Back-lit Branches

On my way back from a long walk in the sunlit woods of Ontario, my last photograph was of this splendid tangle of branches, leaves and seed heads. The afternoon sun was lighting up every little hair on the branches of the Sumac tree. Looking towards the sun made a rather lovely blue flare on the lens too.


The Fall in Mississauga

A walk today in perhaps the last dry bright day of Autumn in Ontario – the final day of Thanksgiving holiday brought everyone out for a last look at the glorious fall colours.Fall Colour

Fall in just one tree, from freshest green to palest yellow, orange, gold and deep red against the bright cerulean sky and the faintest little wisp of white cloud.

Its not all about colour though, its about the negation of it too, the pale cream of the stiff brittle stalks of the grasses, to the grey lilac dead flower heads and the silver of bare bark of the tree glowing in the shadows.

Fall Colours