JAPAN – Details I loved

5 thoughts on “JAPAN – Details I loved

  1. gorgeous, these photos actually make me feel quite calm and centred. I love the attention and thought that goes into mundane objects there, and how they are happy to leave things simple too sometimes, I hope i get to go one day!

  2. Thanks Phil. You must go to
    Japan some day. It is a fabulous place, so very different from Europe. Or any where else, in my experience. I must say I was rather overwhelmed by the differences in culture, life style, architecture, food, and just about everything in everyday life. I truly loved being there and want to go back for sure. Turning my photos black and white helped me to focus in on details. I took more than 1200 photos! These are just a few samples.

  3. Thanks – it’s actually taken me 3 months to sort it all out in my brain, I think I’m still processing my feelings about my trip.
    I’ve been learning how to make Japanese woodblock prints. I’m going to post some images soon!

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