Rotated Subracted Squares

Trying something different here, I have rotated the squares around a central point, a set of six are one way round, the other six are reversed from the outside to the inside.

I really wanted to exploit the colour variations of the overlapping areas, I painted with watercolour using a different colour for each distinct shape, not the individual shapes formed by the overlap. The inside shape in each square is either Indian yellow or magenta, then the remains of each square painted either ultramarine blue or cadmium red. Each overlapped shape is then changed by how many colours are laid over it.

This is a trial so there are numerous mistakes but I like the way it’s going. Next time I shall move the two sets further apart and swap the colours around too.

Ups and Downs

Ups and downs

Here’s a painting of my father’s, undated but I think from the early 70’s. He was doing quite a lot of work like this then, quite large paintings with geometric shapes painted in flat bold colours. As with most of his work from that era, the frame is a simple aluminium L section, nothing to divert the eye from the image. How times have changed – he was offering it for sale for a mere £15!