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The website I have been preparing for Glenys is almost ready to launch, here are screenshot previews of some of the pages. The links are not live yet.

I will post a link to the live site when it is ready.

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At night

All evening, in the corner of my eye, I kept seeing these flowers in a black glass vase on a black glass table, lit by a table lamp. I was as intrigued by the reflections in the table and in the vase, trying to get above it to get the best reflection

.Vintage lamp, table and vase with anenomesVintage lamp, table and vase with anenomesVintage lamp, table and vase with anenomes



I am attracted by juxtapositions of colour – thay can make all the difference to how you see something.

A cliché perhaps but lovely none the less, the first red leaves of Autumn in the lakes north of Toronto.

These vibrant colours were an unexpected delight contrasting against the black polished marble of a downtown Toronto office building, snatched from the car whilst at a stop light.

Four lanes of traffic waiting to set off from the lights on a dull day – the colours really saurated. I wish I’d had time to compose the shot better and include more of the orange sign pointing across the road. Each vehicle, engine revving, almost perfectly lined up to lead the eye, has its own colour point, linking up with the coloured flags on the facia of the building and then the verdigris on the roof.

The Toronto taxi colours seem to be designed to match the  surroundings, the Autumn leaves and the red brick and verdigris copper roof of one of the few Victorian bulidings left in the downtown area, all set against the tall grey skyscrapers behind..

Street Photography

Wandering around London with a friend, not looking for anything in particular, lessons learned in checking camera settings before you start and remembering to switch between AV and TV to get the best of static and moving subjects.

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