4 thoughts on “Low Relief Construction – finished

  1. Lovely, quite hypnotic shape and form, (conjures up all manner of thoughts and feelings)! I also really like the way in which the shadows play on the piece at various angles and present different aspects. Beautifully executed.

  2. Thanks! Wow, yeah the shadows are great as the light is always changing, sunlight moving around the room during the day and then totally different appearance and colour’s at night, with the lights on.

  3. Hi Sally, this is just the kind of subtle geometry and play of light that I love to see. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday in the V&A and thanks again for the tea and sharing of your time so generously. I hope we could meet again sometime – I hope to next be in London in late November.

  4. Thanks Russell, I’m glad you like my work! Geometry is definitely my thing, both my parents were architects so I guess it’s inevitable.
    It was great to meet you too, we had some excellent conversations. Yes it would be good to meet up when you’re around in November. Let me know.

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