Roger Knight : Historian and Author – Britain against Napoleon

Roger and I have collaborated on the creation of a web presence for him to coincide with the publication of his latest book Britain against Napoleon. Roger Knight

His highly acclaimed book on Pursuit of Victory – the life and achievement of Horatio Nelson has won several awards and become a seminal work. I feel sure this book will follow a similar path.

The majority of websites I have designed have been for people in creative métiers, hence their sites are intensely visual, a site about Maritime History was a step away from that. The imagery is necessarily somewhat restricted but the inclusion of book covers, photographs from Roger’s long career and most importantly a video of him talking about is latest book brings life to what might seem a very text orientated subject.

Roger Knight - Home page

Kate Ruth Romey – Design for a Wedding Stationery Website – A Joint Venture

My daughter, who is a freelance designer of bespoke wedding stationery, created a design for her new website and I then transformed it from paper to web. I think it looks great. Kate Ruth Romey
Kate Ruth Romey - DesignKate Ruth Romey - Design

kateruthromey - design

Glenys Cour

At last the website is done – it has been a project for longer than I had intended but its there now for all to see.

Glenys is a true artist, she paints every day and is never happier than when she can be standing at her easel. She is as enthusiastic now as she has ever been and her work is still as glorious and joyful as ever.

Glenys did not want to entitle most of her pieces so you will find no titles at all, as it seemed wrong to label some and not others.

Please leave any messages for Glenys on this blog and I will make sure she sees them – she may even reply – if she can spare time away from her brushes.


Glenys Cour

The website I have been preparing for Glenys is almost ready to launch, here are screenshot previews of some of the pages. The links are not live yet.

I will post a link to the live site when it is ready.

Glenys Cour - The Home Page

Glenys Cour - Flora

Glenys Cour - Posters

Glenys Cour – Artist

My parents were friends of Glenys and I have known her since my youth. I now have the great pleasure in helping her to realise her wish to show her work through the medium of the web. I spent two days with her in Swansea this week talking about her life and work and formulating a design for her site. Glenys is a true colourist and her work really glows on the screen.

Here is one of her recent floral pieces inspired by a quotation by  a close friend, the Welsh poet Vernon Watkins in his poem “Taliesin and the Mockers”.

Floral Metaphor 1

And here is a spread from the handmade book “Taliesin and the Mockers”  from The Old Stile Press  illustrated by Glenys.