Katherine Coleman, Salt

The Beauty of Glass

I found these 1950’s/160’s Cocktail glasses in an antique shop in Essex and the Salt at an exhibition of crafts in Clerkenwell, London. The glasses were ridiculously cheap and the salt was not expensive.  The glasses are perfectly weighted, the stems are gilded glass, not a metal cone as I had thought when I first glanced them in a showcase. I have not identified the make yet, let me know if anyone recognises them. The salt it is mouth-blown glass intricately hand-engraved with plant forms by Katherine Coleman.
50/60's Cocktail Glasses Katherine Coleman, Salt

Katherine Coleman signature
Katherine Coleman signature

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Glass

  1. Hello can I ask how you identified your item as Katharine Coleman please as I have a vase with an engraved tree and a signature that looks like “Coleman” so my googling brought me here! I can’t find an example of her signature online so wondering if your salt has one at all? Thanks so much!

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