Tromso – the sun trying to break through.
Longyearbyen – on the road to coal mine number 7, the only one still being worked.

Two days in Tromso to get accustomed to the midnight sun, then 3 days in Longyearbyen, the most northerly permanently inhabited place in the world.

They say midnight sun but we have yet to actually see the sun. It is light all “night”, very light but the hills around are permanently swathed in low cloud. Today, our last day, we are forecast for some sun. We’re sailing north to Pyramiden, an abandoned Russian mining village, which will look even more dramatic if the sun appears.


Looking up Nant Ffrancon towards Llyn Ogwen on the road from Bangor

A heavy cloud seemed as though it was pouring down from the mountains into the valley, where there were still bright sunlit meadows. I painted this watercolour before I broke my arm, I wasn’t too happy with it and so today, as an experiment, I added some inking with my left hand. I admit its clumsy but I think my left hand has learned more over the years than I expected.north wales

Glenys Cour

At last the website is done – it has been a project for longer than I had intended but its there now for all to see.

Glenys is a true artist, she paints every day and is never happier than when she can be standing at her easel. She is as enthusiastic now as she has ever been and her work is still as glorious and joyful as ever.

Glenys did not want to entitle most of her pieces so you will find no titles at all, as it seemed wrong to label some and not others.

Please leave any messages for Glenys on this blog and I will make sure she sees them – she may even reply – if she can spare time away from her brushes.