The Dune House at Dawn

I’m not sure exactly what time dawn happened but somewhere between 4:15 and 5am the light was enticing enough to get me out of bed. The door to the bathroom was made of glass sand-blasted on the inside so that it becomes almost opaque and the outer surface throws a milky cast over everything it reflects, the window-seat cushions with the blind half down, the curved lip of the bath and the oak floorboards. At first look it is confusing until you see the round steel recessed handle of the sliding door and see that it is a reflection.

Dune House glass door reflection

Looking out through the windows toward the sea, this image is enriched by the floating reflection of all the other windows behind me in this house made of windows. The reflections all soft and pale contrasting with the bright sharpness of every single fence post and blade of grass in the early morning sunlight.

Dune House window reflection

Shadows and Slots

I am continuing to explore creating shadows with simple forms. These 3/4 plaster spheres have been filed to make a slot and then all 49 placed in a grid with the slots randomly positioned. Who knows why but looking at it makes me feel calm and peaceful, (although a little annoyed that not every sphere is in focus) must try harder. The spheres are about the size of a mint imperial, no-one has been fooled yet luckily, they could be nasty if swallowed!slots

Sightings – Blackheath Station early one morning

Is this man so wide awake in the mornings that he powers the station lights from his brain? Or is this man so sleepy in the mornings that he wires his brain to the lights to charge himself up?


Creating Cast Shadows

A simple arrangement of hemispherical castings on a white background produces a rich variety of grey tones.

Early morning sunlight casting shadows over hemispherical arrangement

Later when the sun has moved around the shadows are much softer

Soft daylight casting shadows over hemispherical arrangement

Soft daylight casting shadows over hemispherical arrangement

Creating Shadows

Stepped cubein homage to Richard Wakelin

Light falling across a corrugated surface always intrigues me – inspired by my father Richard Wakelin’s sculptures from 20 years ago,  I made this smaller copy of his Stepped Cube.

Sally Wakelin pleated paper installation

A few years ago, I made this pleated paper installation in the deconsecrated chapel, whilst attending a Drawing course at Yorkshire Sculpture Park  with David Nash, amongst others. A length of drawing paper 5m x 1.5m repeatedly folded and set in front of one of the long windows, behaved like a bucket of light and has inspired me to make more pleated paper sculptures since.

Folded paperFolded paper