Creating Shadows

Stepped cubein homage to Richard Wakelin

Light falling across a corrugated surface always intrigues me – inspired by my father Richard Wakelin’s sculptures from 20 years ago,  I made this smaller copy of his Stepped Cube.

Sally Wakelin pleated paper installation

A few years ago, I made this pleated paper installation in the deconsecrated chapel, whilst attending a Drawing course at Yorkshire Sculpture Park  with David Nash, amongst others. A length of drawing paper 5m x 1.5m repeatedly folded and set in front of one of the long windows, behaved like a bucket of light and has inspired me to make more pleated paper sculptures since.

Folded paperFolded paper

At night

All evening, in the corner of my eye, I kept seeing these flowers in a black glass vase on a black glass table, lit by a table lamp. I was as intrigued by the reflections in the table and in the vase, trying to get above it to get the best reflection

.Vintage lamp, table and vase with anenomesVintage lamp, table and vase with anenomesVintage lamp, table and vase with anenomes



The staircase in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art – Ellis Williams Architects, is statisfyingly industrial with its embossed and perforated sheet steel. The only colour – a single wall on each landing painted in an identifying colour.

The entrance has unpainted rusting cladding.

Dull December weather in Canvey Island, Essex but this rust patterned concrete flood defence and steps is a pleasing arrangement of stripes and angles.

Canvey Island – the beach in winter

Canvey Island Tea Shop

Colour 3

Reflections and shadows –  blue to turns green and pink picking up reflected colours from the water and the deck – which is pink in the shade but almost orange in full sun. The canal at the Hepworth Wakefield.

Pink flourescent lighting in the cafe at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead looked particularly good on the white beard.

The Millenium Bridge across the Tyne at Gateshead – the arch lit with colours that slowly change through the spectrum. f/1.8 1/200 ISO 1600 50mm

Lindisfarne on a cold damp dull day – the local stone is defiantly pink on such a grey day

Slatted Shadows and Reflections 2

Straight railings casting their shadows on a rough stone wall.

Straight railings casting rippled shadows on a rough stone wall.

Accidentally having the camera on the wrong setting caused camera shake during the long exposure but made an even more interesting image from this quilted copper-lined elevator in the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

Quilted Copper lined walls in the elevator in the Art Gallery of Ontario

And these over-sized wooden blinds were marvellous, maybe I’m addicted to parallel lines.

Over-sized wooden venetian blinds in the Art Gallery of Ontario

Colour 2

On a photo course in Italy with Frui , given free access to photograph the interior of a grand old house in the Abruzzo,  I chose to concentrate on the juxtaposition of colour, the light was intense with deep shadows.

Just about to eat the last peice of orange melon, pink lipstick – perfect .

More on Stairs

The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto staircase designed by the Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry.

I spent quite a while taking of photos of this staircase. Walking down feels unusual as although the stair is open, the views outward are limited and you are enveloped in warm, subtly lit flowing forms.