Sally Wakelin pleated paper installation

Creating Shadows

Stepped cubein homage to Richard Wakelin

Light falling across a corrugated surface always intrigues me – inspired by my father Richard Wakelin’s sculptures from 20 years ago,  I made this smaller copy of his Stepped Cube.

Sally Wakelin pleated paper installation

A few years ago, I made this pleated paper installation in the deconsecrated chapel, whilst attending a Drawing course at Yorkshire Sculpture Park  with David Nash, amongst others. A length of drawing paper 5m x 1.5m repeatedly folded and set in front of one of the long windows, behaved like a bucket of light and has inspired me to make more pleated paper sculptures since.

Folded paperFolded paper

4 thoughts on “Creating Shadows

  1. Well thank you! I do enjoy learning new things, I have made a great many small plaster cakes today, so they’ll be on here soon as part of something. I do think paper-folding is magical on a big scale but ether are so many people out there better at it than I!

  2. Everything you make is imprinted with your character and maker’s ethos. You have in common with all the great artists a capacity to take an idea and push it further, or bring something unique and of yourself to it. Yes, there are many interesting paper folders out there, but you WILL reinvent the wheel in this art form, and make something more than a wheel… something only YOU could come up with.

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