Evening Light

On the north side of the Thames estuary near Pitsea, Essex, the mud banks, marshy grassland and still water at low tide made for a magical scene of light playing on the water, deepening shadows as the light faded and the promise of the sounds of sea birds calling – a quiet place of reverie – an example of the south Essex landscape that my brother loved so much.

A difficult subject, looking across water and expanses of wet reflective mud towards the setting sun – I only had a phone camera but did some tweaking in Camera Raw afterwards. Unfortunately it is slightly out of focus but it has captured a moment and much of the detail of the scene, the paraphernalia of the crane, the wire fencing, the jetty, life buoys and all the complicated outlines of the boats. A tripod and a digital SLR would have made a better image and I should have included the top of the crane but I did successfully capture a moment in remembrance of my dear lost brother.

Langland Bay

Langland Bay skies

I recently wrote a short story about Langland Bay where I spent many long days on the beach as a teenager. This week I unexpectedly found myself there with only a camera phone to record the scene as the light faded and the low sun threw golden bands across the wet sand.

Skies from the train to Swansea – 11th July

On the train going West in sunshine and rain. The English countryside is at its peak of greenery, the sun has not yet singed the green to brown. Majestic skies, rain clouds sweeping across the landscape in a veil of pearly grey, in the distance patches of blue and white appear, to remind us that it is summer.

These images were snatched from the streaming landscape as we rushed westward, the blue tinged reflections of the train strip-lights adding some false sense of dimension.

More Grey

I found another opportunity to try out photographing a subject through metal mesh, here the holes in the mesh are bigger and I was in the dark interior, the subject in full sunlight which gives the image a very different feel from the previous one I posted last week. I think they both have their merits, I would like to have more time to experiment with exposure and focus – both of these were taken on the fly.

portrait through metal mesh