It was sunny on Sunday – at last, I walked around the newly refurbished Cutty Sark in Greenwich. The hull of the original ship has been enclosed by a protective glazed gallery affording lots of weird and interesting ghostly interior views overlaid with reflections  on the outside.

IMG_4245 IMG_4244Canary Wharf in the distance. Greenwich foot tunnel

Reading the Leaves

I keep looking back at this photo from October in Canada, I think/hope that there is a message there somewhere, written in the leaf-stains and screw-heads. It is simply the deck of a motorboat become stained with autumn leaves, caught in the late afternoon light, just a small spot of pink reflected in the hinge-plate.IMG_1266

Reflections in Water

A recent visit to the marina in Swansea offered up such delights, boat hulls, railings, brickwork, an endless rippling reflection of intense colours. The whole area has been transformed from the working harbour docks when it was no doubt dark and noisy and any colour suffused by coal dust. There are numerous shiny modern yachts moored here now but also just a few memories of its previous incarnation, the massive stone docks, gates and lift bridges.

Swansea Marina - red reflections

Swansea Marina - blue reflections

Star of India – San Diego Harbour

Reflections of white numbers and the red hull of the ship Star of India in San Diego Harbour. The water looks so oily and yet the reflection of the numbers is still so white. Because the ship is permanently moored, green algae is growing along the water-line which gives that green line.Red Hull San Diego

I particularly noticed the jumble of lines in this photo, the variety of colours, angles and textures, just wish I’d used a smaller aperture to increase the depth of field so it was all in focus.

Red Hull, San Diego

The Reflecting Pool at The Victoria and Albert Museum

The gorgeous red brick courtyard within the museum makes for magnificent reflections in the reflecting pool. I particularly like the concentric construction lines of the base of the pool.

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

The Thames at Greenwich

Reflections in puddles are always interesting, in this case the addition of the first fallen leaves of Autumn make for a richer version of the London skyline. I wish I hadn’t placed the lamp-post right bang in the centre but I don’t want to crop the tree at the left because I like the feeling of being within a dark space looking out to the bright scene across the water. Its only now that I realise that the Thames itself isn’t visible but if I had taken the shot from standing instead of crouching  in order to see the water, I wouldn’t have captured the reflection.The Thames at Greenwich