The Dune House at Dawn

I’m not sure exactly what time dawn happened but somewhere between 4:15 and 5am the light was enticing enough to get me out of bed. The door to the bathroom was made of glass sand-blasted on the inside so that it becomes almost opaque and the outer surface throws a milky cast over everything it reflects, the window-seat cushions with the blind half down, the curved lip of the bath and the oak floorboards. At first look it is confusing until you see the round steel recessed handle of the sliding door and see that it is a reflection.

Dune House glass door reflection

Looking out through the windows toward the sea, this image is enriched by the floating reflection of all the other windows behind me in this house made of windows. The reflections all soft and pale contrasting with the bright sharpness of every single fence post and blade of grass in the early morning sunlight.

Dune House window reflection

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