More Grey

I found another opportunity to try out photographing a subject through metal mesh, here the holes in the mesh are bigger and I was in the dark interior, the subject in full sunlight which gives the image a very different feel from the previous one I posted last week. I think they both have their merits, I would like to have more time to experiment with exposure and focus – both of these were taken on the fly.

portrait through metal mesh


Grey as a colour theme is challenging but I found a couple of opportunities during a flying visit to Aberporth, a small village in Cardigan bay in West Wales.  Whilst we ate fish and chips sitting at the aluminium tables outside the “Caffi”, the sun played hide and seek but then went elsewhere, so the light was helping to show up greyness. The soft colours and lack of contrast drew my eye to these delicate stems, no doubt soon to be bedraggled by wind and rain, the fine incised lines in the smooth concrete wall behind providing an opposing yet supporting structure.

outside grey wall

Inside I caught a figure fleetingly through the metallic grey of the mesh panel in an open door, the grey seems almost to draw a line around his profile and the white beard merges into his sweater which makes the image other-wordly.

Light falling through gaps in the floorboards after the plasterboard lining had been removed. I was intrigued by the way the light continues down from the joist over the wall, where it splays out and also over the door where it becomes more focussed. I wish I had moved slightly to the right but someone was standing there and then the moment was gone.

Llandrindod Wells – Automobile Palace

A favourite building with its Art Deco curving front, large windows and particularly the white on white of the faience lettering, more details from RCAHMW.

Automobile Palace

Automobile Palace

This space is available for rent – just imagining it as a dance venue or artist’s studio, huge windows on two adjoining sides.

Automobile Palace

Sightings – Blackheath Station early one morning

Is this man so wide awake in the mornings that he powers the station lights from his brain? Or is this man so sleepy in the mornings that he wires his brain to the lights to charge himself up?


Colour – Green

Green is everywhere but its good to find something other than just the green of grass or leaves, the “green” of the golf course apart.

I visited the Jardin des Plantes botanical gardens in Paris in November, the leaves turning to a luminous yellow set against the dark green pines and vivid green moss on the tree trunk all caught my eye but what centres the image the pensive young man, his feet flexed in concentration. And the green plastic hose running along the edge of the lawn.Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Green-painted window on Holy IslandThe golf course at Alnmouth in DecemberMoss on a very old wall in Ffestiniog, Wales