The Reflecting Pool at The Victoria and Albert Museum

The gorgeous red brick courtyard within the museum makes for magnificent reflections in the reflecting pool. I particularly like the concentric construction lines of the base of the pool.

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

The Thames at Greenwich

Reflections in puddles are always interesting, in this case the addition of the first fallen leaves of Autumn make for a richer version of the London skyline. I wish I hadn’t placed the lamp-post right bang in the centre but I don’t want to crop the tree at the left because I like the feeling of being within a dark space looking out to the bright scene across the water. Its only now that I realise that the Thames itself isn’t visible but if I had taken the shot from standing instead of crouching¬† in order to see the water, I wouldn’t have captured the reflection.The Thames at Greenwich

The Daily Express Building

During the London Open House weekend, I visited the Daily Express building in Fleet Street, to see the extraordinary opulent Art Deco foyer. I took a lot of photos but the best ones were these two from outside,  the reflection in the black glass portico ceiling and the red lettering with the reversed view of the opposite side of the street.

Compositional Errors

Barnards Farm

Its so easy after the event to see where I went wrong. I was using my brother’s Canon 70D, much heavier than my 350D and with an unfamiliar lens but no excuses, I must have left my sense of composition in my other bag.

What interested me was the pylon reflected in the water but a vertical shot which included at least some of the pylon against the sky would have been much more interesting. I do like the feint imperfect reflection with the broken cables rippled on the surface but it might have been better to move around so I had more water and less tree reflection at the far edge of the pond. There is a bright red spot of a man’s sweater top left and a dull spot of an Elizabeth Frink steel head sculpture in the top right, both of which I could have made more of somehow.