Reading the Leaves

I keep looking back at this photo from October in Canada, I think/hope that there is a message there somewhere, written in the leaf-stains and screw-heads. It is simply the deck of a motorboat become stained with autumn leaves, caught in the late afternoon light, just a small spot of pink reflected in the hinge-plate.IMG_1266

The End of Summer

Despite being surrounded by the colourful palette of autumn leaves, it was this scene of greys that I found so interesting in its haunting feeling of days gone by. I like the texture of the rain on the water, the shine of the wet wood, the slightly crooked planking of the deck, the abandoned chair and the tiny white spot of a lost bouy drifting in the wind. I had hoped perhaps a swimmer wearing a bright red costume would appear climbing the ladder from the lake but frankly who would be mad enough in 6˚C in mid October. The End of Summer