Colour Change Hex

I should have said before but the reason I posted the photo of my mother’s painting yesterday was because I had been reading Andy’s (Patterns That Connect) article. I do so wish I had seen that exhibition.

Here’s another of her paintings from the mid 70s, similar in theory perhaps to Andy’s intricate paintings from 2015. A fascinating link to four decades ago.

R. M. Wakelin






Striped Polygons

A painting by my mother dating from the early 70s, it is 1.4m square and hangs on my living room wall. The pattern is based on a complex series of rotations and mirroring at more than one level as well as another set of rules governing the colour changes. I’ve spent many hours trying to decipher the rules and have made progress but there is still some areas of mystery.

My parents experienced first hand the theories behind abstract art in the 70’s whilst attending the unique Barry Summer School in South Wales set up by Lesley Moore, educator and painter. Geoffrey Steele, Kenneth and Mary Martin and many others shared their ideas and theories in a series of workshops. 

It is a great privilege to have this painting on my wall, maybe I am biased but I think it would stand its ground in the Tate Modern.


Spot paintings

I found several more in the series of spot paintings I made back in 2011. These two are my favourites. They are based on mixing watercolour pigment washes in several strengths and then dropping, using a pipette, onto blotting paper in sequences. The colours were not mixed in the pots, they simply merged a little once dropped onto the paper.

image2-2 image1-2