Striped Polygons

A painting by my mother dating from the early 70s, it is 1.4m square and hangs on my living room wall. The pattern is based on a complex series of rotations and mirroring at more than one level as well as another set of rules governing the colour changes. I’ve spent many hours trying to decipher the rules and have made progress but there is still some areas of mystery.

My parents experienced first hand the theories behind abstract art in the 70’s whilst attending the unique Barry Summer School in South Wales set up by Lesley Moore, educator and painter. Geoffrey Steele, Kenneth and Mary Martin and many others shared their ideas and theories in a series of workshops. 

It is a great privilege to have this painting on my wall, maybe I am biased but I think it would stand its ground in the Tate Modern.


5 thoughts on “Striped Polygons

  1. Thanks Patty, it is such a cheerful painting too, you can stare at it for hours and not find the answers. My mother must have been painting it for weeks.

  2. Oh, THIS is wonderful! What a terrific heirloom to enjoy… among so many other of your parents’ creative pieces. This one is most intriguing, and YES…. Tate-worthy!

  3. Oh, yes, I meant to say… I absolutely LOVE creating a “grid” and then working either within it or with the goal to subvert it. Symmetry to asymmetry and vice versa.

  4. Thanks Anita, yes I am so proud of the work my parents created, our homes are all lit up with their ideas. I have about 16 paintings and sculptures, I enjoy them immensely.
    Grids – yes endless fascination.

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