Colour Change Hex

I should have said before but the reason I posted the photo of my mother’s painting yesterday was because I had been reading Andy’s (Patterns That Connect) article. I do so wish I had seen that exhibition.

Here’s another of her paintings from the mid 70s, similar in theory perhaps to Andy’s intricate paintings from 2015. A fascinating link to four decades ago.

R. M. Wakelin






2 thoughts on “Colour Change Hex

  1. Hi Sally thanks for sharing this wonderful painting and for your (too) kind words! there are some amazing resonances here, though I think your mother’s painting is better than mine. What are the dimensions and medium?

  2. Andy I think your paintings are great, really took me back to my mum’s work. I believe this is the only hexagonal painting she made, you’ve moved on a long way with yours.
    The painting is in designers gouache on cream mount card and framed with aluminium L section. It is 40 wide and 46 cm high. She drew it all out in pencil and then painstakingly painted each triangle independently, even the borders, which are one colour. Such patience!

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