Sleeping on a Train

The train to Bristol

Today I went by train to Bristol and couldn’t resist covertly photographing this beautiful Japanese woman as she slept, seen through the reflection of passing smoke, trees and fields seemingly to be gently enveloping her.

Sleeping on a Train

A dark shape appears to be rolling her head and making her gasp – seen through a fine white gauze-like stream.

Sleeping on a Train 2

Geo tagging with my phone tells me exactly where I took this photo – on the traintrack just after it crosses the A338 north of Wantage – simultaneously both fascinating and useless information.

Below is a photo of Reading station – repeating patterns in such close proximity. The cut out shapes are the same but seen in silhouette, then blue and above, apparently reversed – the same shapes made from corrugated roofing – confused by reflections in the train window.

patterns in victorian stations

I tried photographing the concrete-paved platform as the train was slowly pulling out of the station, the yellow warning strip of the edge of the platform makes a pleasing border.

concrete platform

Decorative plasterwork on the ceiling of a public house dating back to 1746, the Llandoger Trow in Bristol centre.

plasterwork ceiling

2 thoughts on “The train to Bristol

  1. I felt a bit uncomfortable about photographing her but she couldn’t see me (even if she’d been awake)and using my phone seemed less intrusiv than a big camera.

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