Glenys Cour – Artist

My parents were friends of Glenys and I have known her since my youth. I now have the great pleasure in helping her to realise her wish to show her work through the medium of the web. I spent two days with her in Swansea this week talking about her life and work and formulating a design for her site. Glenys is a true colourist and her work really glows on the screen.

Here is one of her recent floral pieces inspired by a quotation by  a close friend, the Welsh poet Vernon Watkins in his poem “Taliesin and the Mockers”.

Floral Metaphor 1

And here is a spread from the handmade book “Taliesin and the Mockers”  from The Old Stile Press  illustrated by Glenys.

6 thoughts on “Glenys Cour – Artist

  1. Thanks James – I will telephone her and let her know, she will be thrilled, she is a very enthusiastic and open kind of person, sees everything through bright coloured glasses. The website won’t be ready for a month or so but I will send you the link nearer the time.

  2. Can’t wait to see this. Glenys’s work needs to be seen in glorious Technicolour for which the web is so suitable, rather than in publications – if you can’t see it in reality.

  3. Glenys’s new website is excellent. I am visiting the exhibition at Oriel Myrddin Gallery Carmarthen with a party of forty plus from the Contemporary Art Society for Wales,on 22nd November, and know in advance that we will be thrilled by these vibrant works so beautifully presented in the ‘Blue Room’.

  4. Alan – thank you very much for your praise but I have to own up – the quality of the web-site is 95% down to Glenys’s wonderful paintings and only a teeny bit of work from me to arrange it all and make the magic of the internet work.
    I am so glad that she finally has a site, as she is very much revered as an artist and its great to have a place where much of her body of work can be viewed.

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