January 1st

Cornus twigs in a downpour on January 1st at Hyde Hall gardens in Essex

A cold winter’s walk on a Northumbrian beach – scarf wrapped against the wind intensifies the look in her eyes.

Water sculptures by William Pye at The Alnwick Gardens – my subject bravely thrust her hand through a waterfall.

More of The Alnnwick Gardens – the close-clipped hedges make  a wonderful stage for the bird-walk – he’s very small but he’s there.

Northumbria just before Christmas dusted with icing sugar.

I have been using a 50mm 1.8 Canon lens – its been very useful during the dull light days over the last few weeks.

5 thoughts on “January 1st

  1. Happy New Year Marly!
    thanks for the compliments. The hand is my niece Megan, bravely thrusting through a sheet of water on a cold day in Alnwick (pronounced Annick)Gardens in Northumbria, the one next toit is also there.

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