The End of Summer

Despite being surrounded by the colourful palette of autumn leaves, it was this scene of greys that I found so interesting in its haunting feeling of days gone by. I like the texture of the rain on the water, the shine of the wet wood, the slightly crooked planking of the deck, the abandoned chair and the tiny white spot of a lost bouy drifting in the wind. I had hoped perhaps a swimmer wearing a bright red costume would appear climbing the ladder from the lake but frankly who would be mad enough in 6˚C in mid October. The End of Summer

The Reflecting Pool at The Victoria and Albert Museum

The gorgeous red brick courtyard within the museum makes for magnificent reflections in the reflecting pool. I particularly like the concentric construction lines of the base of the pool.

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

Victoria and Albert Museum pool

Evening Light

On the north side of the Thames estuary near Pitsea, Essex, the mud banks, marshy grassland and still water at low tide made for a magical scene of light playing on the water, deepening shadows as the light faded and the promise of the sounds of sea birds calling – a quiet place of reverie – an example of the south Essex landscape that my brother loved so much.

A difficult subject, looking across water and expanses of wet reflective mud towards the setting sun – I only had a phone camera but did some tweaking in Camera Raw afterwards. Unfortunately it is slightly out of focus but it has captured a moment and much of the detail of the scene, the paraphernalia of the crane, the wire fencing, the jetty, life buoys and all the complicated outlines of the boats. A tripod and a digital SLR would have made a better image and I should have included the top of the crane but I did successfully capture a moment in remembrance of my dear lost brother.