Reflections in Water

A recent visit to the marina in Swansea offered up such delights, boat hulls, railings, brickwork, an endless rippling reflection of intense colours. The whole area has been transformed from the working harbour docks when it was no doubt dark and noisy and any colour suffused by coal dust. There are numerous shiny modern yachts moored here now but also just a few memories of its previous incarnation, the massive stone docks, gates and lift bridges.

Swansea Marina - red reflections

Swansea Marina - blue reflections

Santa Monica Pier

The pier is boarded out with generously wide pine boards, nailed with large steel brads. Over the years the softer wood has worn away leaving a rich pattern of exaggerated grain and shiny, raised nail heads. At night the boards gleam as though polished by the thousands of footfalls passing over for many decades.
The pier is always busy but on this evening, despite the unnaturally chilly wind, there was to be a free outdoor film screening of 500 Days of Summer on a large inflatable screen. Hundreds of keen film-goers were arriving laden with blankets, folding chairs and snacks. The air was thick with the scents of hot food being prepared at various temporary stalls, no cheap burgers and hot dogs but artisan foods from an array of world cuisines. Wandering further along the pier I was surprised to see a trapeze school taking place, only $60 per hour, I was tempted for perhaps 30 seconds before remembering that at my age it was probably not the best use of my time or money. A student was flying, twisting, spinning and finally diving toward the net where she performed a perfect balletic pose, triumphantly bowing in response to her round of applause. All this was taking place in a half darkness, the pier lit only by feeble white lights somehow lending a timelessness to the scene. There was none of the glitzy brashness of modern America that I was expecting and I was not at all disappointed.


Star of India – San Diego Harbour

Reflections of white numbers and the red hull of the ship Star of India in San Diego Harbour. The water looks so oily and yet the reflection of the numbers is still so white. Because the ship is permanently moored, green algae is growing along the water-line which gives that green line.Red Hull San Diego

I particularly noticed the jumble of lines in this photo, the variety of colours, angles and textures, just wish I’d used a smaller aperture to increase the depth of field so it was all in focus.

Red Hull, San Diego

LA Architecture

A unique grouping of elements, sunshine, high-powered business, Hollywood glamour and more in LA makes for a rich and energetic architectural style. The former May Department Stores built in 1939, the facade is tiled with gold leaf mosaic, is now part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The birds just love resting on the ledges. (taken from the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour, Red Route.)May Dept Store, LA

The End of Summer

Despite being surrounded by the colourful palette of autumn leaves, it was this scene of greys that I found so interesting in its haunting feeling of days gone by. I like the texture of the rain on the water, the shine of the wet wood, the slightly crooked planking of the deck, the abandoned chair and the tiny white spot of a lost bouy drifting in the wind. I had hoped perhaps a swimmer wearing a bright red costume would appear climbing the ladder from the lake but frankly who would be mad enough in 6˚C in mid October. The End of Summer