Tower of London

I painted in some of the trees etc then hated it, so I literally washed it off again, scrubbing with running water and a nail brush. Interestingly the cadmium yellow has stained the paper the most, then the payne’s grey at the bottom but the viridian and yellow ochre are quite faint.
Wondering exactly what to do next, I must darken the foreground and somehow remove or disguise a man by a tree who looks very strange!


Night Skies

Experimenting with ways to paint the “Milky Way” in watercolour.
Salt is the best, fine table salt gives small pale marks which could be seen as stars as they have jagged edges. Maldon Sea Salt however is perhaps more suited to large starbursts.
Fenugreek made some interesting alien space ship shapes but smelt awful and fine-ground polenta just made a mess!


Caernarfon castle from the South

A misty day in May.
The crenelated towers were challenging, angles and details impossible to capture correctly with my left hand.

I thought maybe the colours were too intense so I washed the whole painting with cold water and then brushed away at the paint with an old toothbrush. I’ve never thought to do that be for but I like the grainy look it brings, as though your eyes are fighting against mist and fading eyesight to focus clearly on what is in front of you.