Tromso, Norway

What a delightful town, we had a great time there, just for two days. In the Arctic Cathedral we attended a midnight concert of Norwegian folk songs to celebrate the summer solstice, sung by Harald Bakkeby Moe, accompanied by Hanne-Sofie Akselsen on  flugelhorn and Robert Frantzen on piano.

Arctic cathedral tromso


Tromso Arctic Cathedral
Stained glass window

Despite the poor weather we took the cable car ride up to the hill behind the cathedral with spectacular views over the town and mountains beyond. We were lucky to have a short-lived break in the clouds.

View over Tromso

At the Polaris  museum where we saw a great film about northern lights, all caused by gas escaping in bubbles from the sun and then interacting with magnetic force fields. Of course we didn’t see the lights as it was 24 hour daylight but the interaction still goes on, we just don’t see it.

Ship being repaired in the shipyard, which is about to be closed for redevelopment.
Waffles with Norwegian “fudge” cheese

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