Colours of Iceland – Blue

Without sunshine its quite hard to find real blues in the landscape, luckily we did have three days of good sunshine, the glacier and the ice-floes came to life in the sun.

Iceland Vatnajokull
Vantajokull Mountains seen from the coastal plain.
iceland Vatnajokull Mountains
Vatnajokull Glacier and Mountains
iceland glacier
Incredible massive ice formations on the glacier surface at Vatnajokul.
iceland ice-floe
Enormous ice-floes slowly moving from the lagoon at Jokulsarlon to the sea, the sun behind it turning it blue.
iceland icefloes
A large ice-floe released from the glacier and floating out to sea, I particularly liked the feint bas-relief marks.
iceland Reykjavik Harbour
Back in Reykjavik, the harbour water was a mesmerising, rippling  blue.


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