Colours of Iceland – Textures of Straw Yellow

Yellow is not really evident in the landscape at the end of winter in late March, the dominant colour is a the pale straw colours of swathes of dried grasses, having been flattened and and preserved by thick layers of snow throughout the long dark winter. In some place there are just the first small shoots of the green to come. We were lucky also to see, at much closer range than usual, a group of seals, yawning and stretching in the warm sun. We were fortunate with the weather too, three days of bright sunny weather, though still low temperatures.

The beaches, where one might expect to see yellow sand are a surprise, as they are all black volcanic sand and pebbles.

iceland grasses
Waves of long grasses flattened by snow, echoing the waves of the water beyond.
iceland birch
Perfectly-spaced lines of birch or poplar are a common sight along roadsides and at boundaries of properties. A great many trees have been planted since 1990s one sees many more young trees than old.
iceland shelter
A typical stone shelter for livestock, built into the hillside with turf cladding to keep out the rain and cold.
iceland seals
Seals basking in the sunlight on ice-floes in the lagoon, it is a rare sight to see them so close.
iceland hillside
The grass on this hillside is just beginning to regrow and turn green


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