4 thoughts on “Gladstone’s Land in Edinburgh

  1. Sally, I sincerely hope that these drawings are indeed the ‘start of a lifelong romance’ for you and others! They are intricate, lovely and delicate and the scope with your imagination to potentially merge elements from different locations, and architectural elements is quite mind blowing. I’m really looking forward to watching how this work develops…

  2. Thanks Heather, it is a very engaging subject, I’m seeing buildings in a whole new light, I look up all the time now and there’s so much to see above the shop fronts. I found an emerald green building in Soho today, probably my next subject.

  3. Indeed. Your next subject sounds intriguing too. Perhaps we could go for a bimble one Sunday around the City, it’s pretty deserted then and hosts a vast plethora of architectural delights and there’s less chance of banging in to people when looking up!

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