San Diego – Louis Kahn architecture and the beach

The Salk Institute building perfectly suits the bright clear skied climate of Southern California. The ratio of positive to negative space is 50:50, the positive being regularly interrupted by views across, through and out toward the sea. The rectangular courtyard draws one back again and again, the subtle leading lines of shallow channels, raised edging on cast concrete, travertine marble benches combing to make a contemplative thoughtful place.













2 thoughts on “San Diego – Louis Kahn architecture and the beach

  1. Love these photos, Sally. What a grad tour you’ve had in California. Good for you!!

    Have you seen: My Architect: A Son’s Journey, a 2003 documentary film about the American architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974), by his son Nathaniel Kahn, detailing the architect’s extraordinary career and his familial legacy after his death in 1974.

    The film features interviews with renowned architects, including Frank Gehry, Shamsul Wares,[1] I.M. Pei, Anne Tyng and Philip Johnson. Throughout the film, Kahn visits all of his father’s buildings including The Yale Center for British Art, The Salk Institute, Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban and the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

    My Architect was nominated for the 2003 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.
    It’s really a worthwhile thing to watch. Perhaps you can get hold of a copy when you’ve returned home.

    Cheers! And safe travels!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments, I have indeed had a great trip, seeing friends and seeing modern architecture are my favourite things to do. The de Young museum in San Francisco was fabulous too.
    Sadly this is my last night, flying home tomorrow.
    I did read about the film, and tried to watch but had a poor internet connection. I will watch it for sure when I get home. Coincidentally I discovered there is a big show about Louis Kahn currently at the Design Museum in London, so I have booked tickets already.

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