Tryfan, Cwm Ogwyn, Snowdonia

Whilst I was painting this watercolour, the light changed, the rocks became darker, almost purple black. For around ten minutes a bright yellow rescue helicopter hovered over Bristly Ridge, the peak at the left, then flew towards me, turned and set off towards Bangor, to the hospital I suppose.
The summit of Tryfan is famous for the twin monoliths of Adam and Eve, a pair of rocks some three metres high and separated by 1.2 metres. The rocks are visible from the Ogwen valley, from where they resemble two human figures. It’s traditional for climbers to jump or ‘step’ between the two rocks and thus gain the ‘freedom of Tryfan’


2 thoughts on “Tryfan, Cwm Ogwyn, Snowdonia

  1. Thanks Dylan, I took a look at your blog too, lovely photographs of north Wales. You are lucky to live there, I was visiting for 3 weeks, back in noisy, dirty London now, what a contrast!

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