Cardigan Bay early one morning

A bright day in Spring, the seagulls are fussing around the cliffs, there’s dew on the grass, wide arcs of gossamer clouds and the sun just tipping over the dark mass of the hill beyond.

cardigan coastCardigan bay

dewy grasses

It is a wild coast. In calm weather a few dolphins or seals might come. If you stand on the coastal path in just the right place, you can look to the North East and the vast fields of caravans are hidden by the ridges and hedges that run down to the cliffs.

Early in the morning you can be almost entirely alone, there are fewer dog walkers than on the beaches and the caravaners get up late. So there’s just the seagulls for company.

2 thoughts on “Cardigan Bay early one morning

  1. In these views, one can almost imagine having the eyes on an early Celt. Thanks for not showing the caravans, that would have ruined my fantasy!! ;)

  2. The caravan parks are vast but luckily the do kind of disappear, they are low and on mostly flat ground so aren’t too intrusive.
    It was a beautiful morning, then it bucketed with rain in the afternoon.

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