Portraits of Peter

I have been looking through all the versions I have made of this watercolour painting, of course I wasn’t organised enough to date them as I made them but they are roughly in the correct order below.

There is one more day left to either frame this most recent one or paint yet another version before I deliver it for a competition.

The first four are mere practice versions, testing out technique, paper quality and colours. The nose looks very frostbitten in the first one.

I think on balance the most recent one has in it that I am happy with than any of the others, it feels like I made a big leap forward in the last two or three versions, I felt I knew the contours and how to handle the paint the way I wanted. I tried a faint wash over all the background in  No. 8 but decided I preferred the cream paper left alone in No. 9, although I have lost the bright edge to show the sunlight falling on the top of the hat. I think I might just add a little more shading to the lower lip and try to define the tip of the nose better.

I have enjoyed doing these paintings so much, I don’t think I will mind  when I receive my inevitable letter of rejection! It’s all about the doing not the winning. . .
Peter2Peter3 Peter4 Peter5 peter6 Peter7 Peter8 Peter9

8 thoughts on “Portraits of Peter

  1. Sally, interesting to see what direction you are going in… and, yes, lots of patient work. I’m curious about what’s next…

  2. I am thinking about painting another portrait of a man in a hat, different man and hat! I have an old photo . . .
    Am I becoming obsessed with men in hats? maybe, I’ve always found them attractive, I am glad to see that men are starting to wear them more these days.

  3. Sally, why is it that I’ve only today found your blog?!?!? I am loving all that I see here, “men in hats” being only the most recent expression of your tremendous creativity. I look forward to browsing “backwards” through your posts, and receiving notice of your future ones. Cheers, and all best! AM

  4. Well, I don’t know the origins of your fondness for men in hats, but mine is inspired by my 85 y.o. father who ALWAYS wore a hat. That was the fashion of his time… and he still wears a hat every time he leaves the house. Often they were handsome hats, but for awhile, in the 70s, they were rather ridiculous wide-brimmed fedoras… a la Sly and the Family Stone! ; )

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