Read Me Something You Love

Farringdon Road on a hot Tuesday evening, at the Free Word Centre, was an unexpected delight. A group of singularly insightful individuals, broadcasters, writers, publishers offering us, the audience , access to their experience. And in the melee later I met the most interesting Steve Wasserman who runs the blog Read Me Something You love. This is a blog like no other, to quote ”

Read Me Something You Love is an online podcasting project. But it is also, hopefully, an offline experience.

People who love the written word read me a short story, an excerpt from a novel, or poem that excites them in some way, and then we wholeheartedly discuss the piece in question.”

How cool is that – but don’t take my word for it – go visit RMSYL

An example, quite apposite since I have recently returned from (been reborn from) a week’s residential tutoring by the delightful Mr Haddon.

The Gun by Mark Haddon – read by Ted Hodgkinson

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