Olympic Seating

During the last 6 months or so, access to Greenwich Park has been very restricted whilst the Equestrian Olympics stadium has been built, used and taken down. The public now has access to more of the park whilst the structures are being dismantled. The scale of the structure supporting the seating is extraordinary. A mass of scaffolding poles, its hard to even begin to think how it was planned.



Greenwich Park

Magonlia buds have opened further in the warm sunny weather over the last few days.

Magnolia buds almost open in Greenwich Park

Magnolia buds just beginning to burst open

I am lucky to live within walking distance of this great old park, wide views over London, historic bulidings, some of the oldest trees for miles around and plenty of green space. We are all distressed to know that our access will be restricted for so long this summer to make way for the Equestrian Olympics.

Each week we see changes, the building of new banks for jumps, trimming of some trees, removal of others, widening of gateways, re-laying of lawns and paths – the list goes on and on. Progress and development are good but the chain-saw sounds of tree-felling are worrying. Even the heath is being transformed with temporary buildings – provision of stabling for all the horses.

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