Some more familiar things

A little model of the “Flying Scotsman” train, it is made of steel and had been silver-plated, though much of that has worn away now. I ‘d like to know where this came from or why my father was so fond of it.

We had several books from the Little Golden Book series, we must have been pretty rough with them, lots of torn pages and scribblings.  These images are from the story of Pantaloon – a poodle who wants to work as a pastry chef. My favourite was title was The Colour Kittens, they had such fun with paint and colour.

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Familiar things

Staying with family for the weekend and seeing partly forgotton objects from my childhood made me think about their origins, their usefullness or their own places in design history.

The little ivory tea boy we think may have come back from China with our paternal grandfather who was a merchant seaman.

The fish slice – a common enough utensil in the ’50’s kitchen but still in use 60 years laeter, simply because it works so well and seems almost indestructible.

The eggcup with a bear peering round at you – with a crack and a chip now.

and the biscuit tin, the pattern wearing thin but still the place to look for a biscuit.