6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Hi, Sally… another VERY interesting iteration of this series! I have a suggestion—either take it or leave it, my feelings won’t be hurt—when I’ve made a line drawing that turned out particularly well, and I’m faced with the dilemma of wanting to color it or not, I will make a digital scan of the line drawing and then print it out on archival paper which is suitable to multiple mediums. Then I color away on the printed versions. This allows for the possibility of infinite and varied treatments in medium, color, shades of gray, collage or whatever. FYI ….

  2. Hi Anita – that’s so kind of you, yes I do sometimes scan and print but this series of drawings are too big for my scanner. Luckily I am petty adept now at redrawing, so it’s not too much of an issue.

  3. Hi Patty, thanks so much for the kind remarks, I’m very pleased my doodles inspire you! And yes, I remember my Spyrograph very well, I loved it, think it’s on my loft still.

  4. Another possible trick (if your scanner’s not big enough) is to photograph the image and reproduce. I really like the B&W version but having seen the others with colour in l think its worth spending some time experimenting with how colour might work on this image and letting rip somewhat whilst not worrying about upsetting the original.

  5. Thanks Heather, I have been taking snaps with an iPad but the colour is always off and there’s no white balance correction tool in my editor. Early morning light is best but I’m always asleep then!
    I am working on some colour versions, watch this space . . .

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