Cube carving

I had an idea to carve multiple grips on a cube of wood, it is 70mm, just the right size for a handhold. One at a time I persuaded 6 people to grasp the block while I traced around their fingers and thumbs. Carving out search set at a time, I was able to keep the sets from overlapping too much. One grip is like that of a cricket ball, finger tips only, another held it just with thumb and forefinger, then a variety of different holds but only one left-handed. The sizes varied quite a bit too.

I wrote their names near their thumbs whilst I was carving but I might sand those off. It’s interesting that everyone found their finger holds easily if they began by finding their thumb position.


5 thoughts on “Cube carving

  1. Hi, Sally,
    These are fascinating experiments. How nice it is to be taught by accomplished masters!

    I meant to send you this link long ago, when you were doing the geometric studies on paper, but lost the link. I found it today, so here it is:


  2. Nor can I !!! But, once I saw it, I thought of you and your work with squares!! Here’s hoping you have
    a very happy holiday season! xo AM

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