Uwch Mynydd, Lleyn Peninsular

Windy beachOne day in early August I walked with friends along the north coast of the very end of the peninsular. The weather was overcast but not cold or wet. However the wind was gusting at around 50mph at some points. We walked partly on the beach but the tide was very high so we retreated to the sand dunes. The wind blowing in from the sea brought with it a blast of wet sand, stunting all exposed skin and smearing our glasses with a salty spray making visibility trying to say the least. Perversely it was actually enjoyably envigorating. Of course it also slowed us down and we nearly gave up when it came to the climb from the beach to the top of Uwch Mynydd. Up there the air cleared and there were fabulous views back towards Snowdonia, with sea on both sides.

Coastal plants

Picnic in testing conditions

Dark seas
Looking back towards the beach as the weather worsened
Uwch Menydd
Looking back up at the cliffs of Uwch Menydd from wence we had come
Flying against the wind

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