Isometric drawing

Here’s another inspirational piece from my father’s large range of work from the 1970s. (a terrible photo, i must find another) The technique is exquisite, a drawing of  complexity but made of just two types of line, heavy black ink and very faint black ink, all done with a dipping pen not a modern technical fibre-tip.

The design is created by drawing a simple cube with a missing corner, made of both light and heavy lines, so that the eye cannot read whether they are convex or concave. That simple cube is rotated across the drawing and on subsequent rows, it’s orientation is decided by a pendulum system.


I have been enjoying drawing my own version, even with a good quality drawing pen it is so easy to make irritating errors. I have played around with nversio  and adding colour too. Also some of the incidentally outlined shapes seem to suggest ideas for brooches or bangles.


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