Boone’s Chapel

Boone’s Chapel stands just a few minutes walk from my home, it was built in 1682 as a private almshouse chapel and is one of just two Grade 1 listed buildings in Lewisham. My eye has often been drawn to it when walking past or on the bus, this study has its faults but it hopefully shows some of the spirit of the building.

Boone's Chapel

4 thoughts on “Boone’s Chapel

  1. Exquisite building. l’m particularly drawn to the subtleties of black & white shading in this picture and the faint trace of blue in the windows. Heather

  2. Thanks Heather, just used two or three pigments, Payne’s Grey, which has a blue tinge and Indian Red with sometimes a touch of yellow ochre.

  3. Great drawing – I used to live down that way many years ago and I became very fond of this building. At that time, certainly, there weren’t many other nice things to appreciate along that street and your drawing has such evident warmth for the subject, lovely.

  4. Thanks Phil, the building is currently occupied by an architect’s practice, so its being well looked after at last, it had been abandoned for years. It is usually open during London Open House Week, in September but I haven’t managed to go inside yet!

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