Totleigh Barton – First home of the Arvon Foundation

I have stayed at Totleigh Barton a couple of times whilst on Avon creative writing courses.Its a delightful place, a real joy to live in for a little while. The courses are great too.

My drawing below is only 16cms wide, made with a 0.05 Staedler pen. I drew it to send to a friend from Japan whom I met during a writing week in Totleigh Barton.


2 thoughts on “Totleigh Barton – First home of the Arvon Foundation

  1. Sally, I’ve skimmed across your past year–so interesting to see what you have been doing, both the more realistic sketches and the experiments. And I like the way your parents’ art appears here, appreciated so much that you incorporate bits of it into your own. Good cheer, Marly

  2. Marly, how lovely to hear from you and thanks for looking at my work, I am enjoying myself enormously, flitting from project to project with no particular aims in mind. You are right about my parents’ work, it has been and continues to be a strong influence, I feel close to them in a way that perhaps wasn’t possible when they were alive. Reflection on one’s life influences become stronger with age.
    All the best to you too

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