Child’s coat rack

I’ve had this little thing for as long as I remember, but I have no idea of where it came. It’s only about 35 cms long, made from painted ply-wood with little glued on metal stars. There’s nothing on the back other than some pencilled numbers and the remains of some glue where it was at one time stuck to a door. I’m tempted to think that it’s home-made but the edges are very smooth as though the shapes have been milled not cut by hand with a thin blade. The painted girl and her deer friends are hand-painted and with some fine detail. I wonder if the details are significant? The blue flowers in one hand, the dove in the other, the deer are curious not timid and the gold stars – is it night-time? I had wondered if the stars had been added at some later date but two of them are actually beneath the deer on the right.
Sufficient to say, I still find it as enchanting as I did when a child. I thought it might date from the mid fifties and perhaps be of Danish origin but I have no evidence. The clothes pegs are very similar to traditional Shaker pegs but if course the decoration is assuredly not. I have searched on-line but found nothing at all similar so far.
Wouldn’t it make a charming design for a child’s wallpaper?


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