6 thoughts on “Modular Construction

  1. Brilliant – the nearest galley to us here in Berlin seems to focus on this kind of work, they’d go nuts got these, what a talented man he was, thanks for showing these Sally


  2. In addition to your own work in all media, I have always admired your father’s work very much. Nice to see these examples which are new to me! Thanks for sharing them. Anita

  3. Thanks Anita, so complimentary , so kind. These sculptures are at my sister in laws house, where I spent Christmas. They’re good aren’t they, I love them.

  4. Phil – I wish he’d exhibited more when he was alive, he did have some success in Wales and a little in London, also he was in a group exhibition in Munich some time in the 70s. He made some wonderful pieces, one of these days i might make a proper on-line image collection.

  5. An online gallery would be terrific!!!
    I’m creating one for my grandfather’s
    photography archive… it should be up and running in a month or so.

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