The de Young Museum, San Francisco

The museum stands tall over Golden Gate park, a dramatic beacon inviting visitors to the de Young Museum. Designed by Herzog and de Meuron, it encompasses innovative use of texture, reflective and transparent materials, playfully odd-shaped spaces and unexpected transitions between interior and exterior spaces.
My photos are not as I would wish, my camera weighs around 880g and is hard to keep still with my broken but mending arm. It’s even harder to properly compose images quickly before pain begins.
The copper cladding has been worked in ways which are being enhanced by being weathered. It’s is a building which will change and develop over time and will repay visits in varying weather conditions.

IMG_0548.JPGDimpled copper cladding weathering and darkening

IMG_0547.JPGDimpling giving way to perforations

IMG_0546.JPGA veil of perforated copper drawn over the tower

IMG_0549.JPGThe courtyard entrance without a visible entry-way

IMG_0552.JPGBeautiful juxtaposition of building, landscape, furniture and sculpture, the man in the caramel clothes was a perfect foil to the dark mass of the building



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