North Wales in May

It’s been a wonderful Spring in north Wales, all the hedgerow flowers are out at once and swathes of bluebells carpet the hills. The weather was wet and windy, the sun never really appeared but the colours were glorious.

Near Nefyn looking north along the rocky coastline
Near Nefyn looking north along the rocky coastline
Bluebells in abundance on the hills of the north coast of LLyn Peninsular
Bluebells and gorse at the same time. Gorse flowers are apparently edible and can be used in salads, tea and to make a fruit wine. I only just found that out, so not tried them yet.


Looking back towards Nant Gwrtheyrn from Morfa Nefyn.

At some time in the last few months the rain and wind caused havoc in an area of Forestry Commission pine forest on the ridge near Nant Gwrtheyrn, the pines cling to the steep slope on the north of the road but a combination of heavy rain and gale-force winds caused trees to loose their grip and become uprooted and many trees to actually snap. Whole hillsides have been devastated, wrought asunder.

Torn trees
Torn trees


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