The Beehive

“The lady in front has done her hair in a beehive especially for you” I whispered to my friend. He raised an eyebrow, smirked and nodded. The woman in question was taller than most, her head filling much of the space between my friend and the screen. The up-do had been carefully prepared, an exemplar of plaiting, twisting, pinning and backcombing and finished off with half a can of hairspray, the surface glistening with minuscule crystallised droplets.

We marvelled in unison as the film show began, filling the auditorium with blazing light and turning the beehive into a silhouette framed by the most perfect glowing pink ears.

4 thoughts on “The Beehive

  1. Somehow you remind me of a time I once saw a spectacular beehive hairdo that looked like it was moving… and when I got closer I realised that it was literally moving, with hair lice!

  2. This short-short is well rendered, Sally. Quite the scene!!! And, the story reminds me of an experience Andrea and I had once. The three reserved seats in front of ours at a musical concert remained unoccupied until 4 seconds before the curtain. Then, the seats were taken by three African women; two on either side had fairly typical afro haircuts, but the one in the middle had hair that that formed a perfect, horizontal oval, reaching from her left shoulder to her right… effectively obscuring ANY possible view of the stage. Needless to say, we suffered this for one song, then quickly moved to better seats.

  3. Thanks Anita, I love to make them short and to the point. It is a true story apart from the hairspray and luckily my friend could see past the hair as the seats were staggered. It is amazing how many times versions of your experience happen, I don’t know why the rake of the seats is always so poor.

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