BP Portrait Award 2013

Selected, rejected, dejected – the latter two apply to me, not too dejected though. Over 1900 artists submitted portraits for the exhibition, only 55 were selected. The rest of us must dejectedly collect our rejected works very soon. Congratulations to the respected 55, looking forward to seeing your paintings.

4 thoughts on “BP Portrait Award 2013

  1. How well I know that taste :-( However, Sally, it was a beautiful work and not being selected doesn’t diminish the power of the work you created in any way. No consolation, I know, but one day there will be recognition. J

  2. James, you are too kind, it wasn’t good enough really but you never know, I might have been on the shortlist, they never say! I won’t give up . . . BTW I liked your white-water adventure text and pictures – you’re both so brave!

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